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Your IEP in September

Your IEP in September
Written 22 August, 2018

In early September, as soon as school begins, write a letter to your child's teacher(s) introducing to them that your child has an IEP.

In your letter include a description of your child. Describe what they are like (what they like, dislike, hobbies, interests, and fears.) Ask the teacher to read your child's IEP, or include a copy.

Explain to the teacher that you are available to meet with them to help them understand the IEP and to know more about your child. Be an active member of the IEP process for your child.

If your child does NOT have an IEP, then use the letter to tell the teacher about the special learning needs of your child. Then request your child be placed on the IEP list. Notify the Resource (special education) teacher or department that your child will need an IEP. Also be sure to notify the school Office that your child will need to have an IEP and ask to have their name added to the list.

This can be a lengthy pro…